Amirhossein Deljouyi

Thesis Title: Model-Driven Methodology for Developing RESTful Web Services                  


REpresentational State Transfer (REST) comprises a set of rules and practices that provide simple and comprehensible APIs, clear representational structures, and scalable services for use in web engineering. Due to the simplicity and scalability of the REST architecture, it has become increasingly popular among web-service developers. Among the architectures used in web service design (REST, WSDL, SOAP), REST is the most common; it has significantly changed how systems based on web services are developed. Model-Driven Development (MDD) can facilitate the construction of complex applications. This approach can be an effective method for designing RESTful web services by using modeling languages such as UML and IFML, and can ultimately support automatic code generation through transformation of models. However, existing methods do not adequately cover the web service development process, and fail to support high-level modeling at an adequately abstract level. Furthermore, there is no comprehensive methodology that fully covers the process of web services development and produces all of its artifacts. The goal of this project is to propose a comprehensive model-driven methodology for developing RESTful web services that addresses the shortcomings of existing approaches and exploits their strengths. To this aim, existing model-driven approaches will first be investigated and evaluated. Next, modeling levels and model transformation rules will be precisely defined, considering the challenges confronted in developing RESTful web services. Lastly, the proposed methodology will be evaluated by applying specific methodology-evaluation criteria, and also through a case study.

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