Mona Fadavi

Thesis Title: Model-Driven Approach for Developing Adaptive Web Systems                  


Research on adaptive web systems has expanded over the last fifteen years, and has led to the development of new models, methodologies, and techniques. Adaptive systems are becoming popular tools for accessing information, since they can be adapted to different application environments and the preferences of the users. The purpose of adaptive web systems is to adapt content, presentation, and navigation to meet the needs of the intended users based on their circumstances and preferences.
Since the advent of adaptivity in web engineering, a new strand of research has emerged which focuses on the use of model-driven approaches for automating the process of developing adaptive web applications. These approaches include methods for implanting adaptivity, and also techniques which have been successfully implemented in old hypermedia systems. Since there are various model-driven methodologies for web engineering which prescribe their own specific conceptual models for describing the different aspects of presentation and navigation, the goal is to promote these models through integrating their conceptual structures with adaptivity features.
The main objective of this project is to suggest a model-driven approach for developing web systems which leads to increased efficiency and quality, and which promotes the implementation of adaptivity in the produced systems through considering the specific architectures of web systems. In the first stage of the research, a comprehensive study will be conducted on the model-driven process and existing model-driven approaches for developing web systems. The frameworks and methodologies proposed for building adaptive systems will then be studied and evaluated with regard to the models that they prescribe and the mechanisms that they use for providing adaptivity. As the main product of this project, a model-driven methodology will ultimately be proposed for building adaptive web systems in which the architecture, the various modeling levels, and the corresponding model transformation methods will be prescribed. The proposed methodology will be evaluated based on evaluation criteria, and also through a case study.

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