Shokoofeh Hesari

Thesis Title: Analyzing and Enhancing Methodology Evaluation Methods                        


The emergence of various software development processes with different features and target paradigms (object-oriented, aspect-oriented, agent-oriented, etc.) raises the need for evaluating and measuring their capabilities and deficiencies. The evaluation must consider different parameters of software development projects and their similarities, differences and features in the context of existing methodologies; we therefore need criteria that cover these needs. Apart from the research that has been done on analysis and evaluation of software development methodologies and processes, there is a need for a general multi-aspect framework for the evaluation of methodologies targeting different paradigms. Lack of general criteria for covering different aspects, and inadequacy of quantitative and formal criteria, are the main deficiencies afflicting the evaluation frameworks currently in practice.
The aim of this project is to analytically study the evaluation frameworks currently in practice, and to present a quantitative and multi-aspect framework for methodology evaluation that facilitates the selection of methodologies and method chunks. To this end, we first analyze existing evaluation frameworks and identify their weaknesses and capabilities; hence, by using meta-criteria, we evaluate the criteria proposed by different frameworks. Then, with special attention to generality and enhanced formalism of evaluations, we propose a framework for evaluating methodologies. Ultimately, we evaluate a select set of sample methodologies with the criteria proposed in our framework. In order to validate the proposed framework, it will be used for method-chunk selection and end-result evaluation in the context of a realistic method-engineering project.

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