Ehsan Kouroshfar

Thesis Title: Process Patterns for Component-Based Development                 


Component-based development is not a novel approach, but due to its important features, it is widely used for software development. It has many advantages, such as reusability, changeability, and savings as to the expenses of system development. Many prominent software development approaches, such as Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and software product lines are based on component-based development. In spite of extensive advances in component-based development, the need remains for a generic meta-model and a set of process patterns for the approach. The aim of this project is to review a select set of component-based methodologies, and then extract process patterns for component-based development through focusing on the processes of the methodologies reviewed. A process pattern describes a collection of general techniques, actions, and/or tasks for developing software systems. Process patterns define what should be done without focusing on the fine detail. By using process patterns, we can produce processes that are tailored to fit the project situation at hand. Therefore, the results of this project are useful for organizations that need component-based processes that should be adaptable based on the characteristics of the project situation.

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