Mahsa Hasani Sadi

Thesis Title: Enhancing Umbrella Activities in Agile Methodologies                        


Agile software development methodologies, with the characteristics of embracing change and delivering products at early phases of development, have gained popularity during the recent decade. However, they provide poor or partial support for umbrella activities such as project management, quality assurance, risk management and software configuration management. This has become problematic, especially when these methodologies are being tailored for large-scale projects. Although much academic work has been done on these methodologies, studies on this issue have been scarce and it remains an open problem.
In this thesis, we aim at ameliorating this shortcoming by proposing ways for enhancing umbrella activities throughout the agile software development lifecycle. To this end, we first evaluate and identify weaknesses and capabilities of agile methodologies according to their support for umbrella activities; we then focus on weaknesses and propose ways for enhancing these activities, based on which an enhancement framework is ultimately proposed. The main contributions of this thesis are: a comparative analysis of agile methodologies based on their support for umbrella activities, and techniques for enhancing these activities in the agile software development lifecycle.


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