Masoumeh Taromirad

Thesis Title: Criteria-Based Evaluation of Agile Methodologies                 


The emergence of agile software development methodologies has been a remarkable contribution to contemporary software engineering practices. Several agile software development methodologies have been developed in recent years, but a detailed evaluation of these methodologies is not available and academic research on this subject is still scarce, as most publications are written by practitioners and consultants. In this project, we focus on these shortcomings and present a criteria-based evaluation of agile methodologies.

As the first step, we collect and define an appropriate criterion set. Detailed evaluation of agile methodologies and identification of their weaknesses and capabilities is not possible without suitable evaluation criteria. This set of evaluation criteria leads us to an evaluation framework for agile methodologies. In the next step, we improve our framework using an iterative-incremental method, and finally evaluate existing agile methods through comparing them with our proposed framework. The main contributions of this project are: detailed assessment of agile methodologies by using the proposed evaluation framework, comparative analysis of agile methodologies, and providing a means to identify agile method-chunks to support method engineering. This last contribution is the most important of the three, as it distinguishes this project from previous research undertaken in this context.

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