Hamed Yaghoubi Shahir

Thesis Title: Using Design Patterns for Transforming Real-World Models                        


Software Engineering as a discipline has provided us with methodologies for developing software systems. My work is based on the Real-World-Based Methodology, which is engineered through applying the Hybrid Method Engineering Approach*. The methodology starts the modeling activity from “Real-World Models” and transforms them into “Software Models” through step-by-step application of patterns. Reengineering Patterns (such as “Split up God Class” and “Move Behavior close to Data”) and Refactoring Patterns (such as “Move Fields” and “Remove Middle Man”) are most useful in the transformation process.
This project focuses on using Design Patterns for transforming the real-world models. We will apply real-world interpretations (viewpoints) of Design Patterns in the transformation process. Design Patterns can be used to help implement specific architectures and mechanisms typically present in the problem domain and tangible to users. Applying these patterns not only results in structures familiar to the user, but also facilitates the translation of these structures into solution-domain and implementation-domain class structures. Examples of Design Patterns especially useful in this context are: Adapter, Façade, Proxy, and Mediator. The results of this project are thus used to produce “Software Models” enriched with design considerations.
Furthermore, the proposed approach can be used in Pattern-Based Transformation methods based on the Model Driven Architecture. “Real-World Models” are therefore parts of the Computation-Independent Model, later transformed into “Software Models” by applying Reengineering-, Refactoring- and Design Patterns. The resulting “Software Models” become constituents of the Platform-Independent Model.

* Ramsin, R., “The Engineering of an Object-Oriented Software Development Methodology”, Ph.D. Thesis, University of York, York, UK, 2006.

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