current research projects

 Model-Driven Approach for Software Process Line Engineering

 A Framework for Improving Knowledge Management in Situational Method Engineering

 Model-Driven Methodology for Developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

 Model-Driven Methodology for Developing RESTful Web Services

 Incorporation of Model-Based Testing into Modern Lightweight Development Processes

completed research projects

 Model-driven methodology for developing serious games in the context of software engineering education

 Model-Driven Methodology for Developing Serious Games in the Context of Business Processes

 Model-Driven Approach for Developing Adaptive Web Systems

 Generative Software Development through Emergence-Based Transformation

 A Methodology for Developing Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)

 Developing an Agile Product Line Engineering (APLE) Methodology

 A Feature-Driven Methodology for Situational Method Engineering (SME)

 A Use-Case-Based Methodology for Situational Method Engineering (SME)

 A By-Example Method for CIM-to-PIM Transformation in Model-Driven Development

 A By-Example Model Transformation Method for Model-Driven Method Engineering

 An EPFC-Based Methodology-Engineering Method and Environment for Enhancing Automatic Assembly of Method Fragments

 A Pattern-Based Model Transformation Method for Applying Model-Driven Development to Method Engineering

 A Framework for Engineering Agent-Oriented Methodologies

 A Lightweight Approach to Model Based Testing

 Development of a Set of Enterprise Architecture Process Patterns

 A Model-Driven Approach for Developing Self-Adaptive Multi-Agent Systems

 Development of a Process Line Engineering Approach Based on Product Line Engineering Methods for Engineering Agent Oriented Methodologies

 Application of Model Checking Techniques in Situational Method Engineering Models

 Enhancing Model-Driven Methods for Composition-Based Software Development

 Development of a Methodology Engineering Framework for Developing High-Integrity Software Systems

 Development of a Methodology Engineering Framework for Pattern-Oriented Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

 Development of a Model-Driven-Development (MDD) Approach to Situational Method Engineering

 A Framework for Requirements Engineering in Method Engineering  

 Analyzing and Enhancing Methodology Evaluation Methods  

 Criteria-Based Evaluation of Agile Methodologies

 Criteria-based Framework for Creation of Web Application Development Methodologies using SME

 Development of an EPFC-Based Method Engineering Environment for Assembly- based Construction of Agile Methodologies

 Development of an Extension Framework for Agile Methodologies to Add Support for Aspect-Oriented Development

 Development of a Computer-Aided Methodology Engineering Environment for the Hybrid Methodology Design Approach

 Enhancing Umbrella Activities in Agile Methodologies

 Methodology Engineering Process Patterns

 Process Patterns for Component-Based Development

 Process Patterns for Aspect-Oriented Methodologies

 Using Design Patterns for Transforming Real-World Models 

available thesis topics

MSc Thesis Topics

- Students who have been admitted to the Methodology Engineering Lab to conduct their MS project will be provided with a list of thesis topics at the start of the Spring semester.

- You can also propose a different topic, provided that the topic is relevant to Software Engineering. Please refer to this Research Handbook for potential topics.